How to Prepare for IT Officer Bank Exam 2021

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IT professionals are needed in this age of computer and information technology. Almost every organization needs people who have the skills to manage their computer and IT infrastructure and banks are no different. Banks hire Specialist IT Officers for written exams. I will talk in this article how to prepare for IT officer bank exam 2021
How to Prepare for IT Officer Bank Exam 2021
How to Prepare for IT Officer Bank Exam 2021
Popular past banks such as SBI, PNB, Central Bank, UCO Bank etc. They used to do different tests to select special officers. However, all of that changed when 19 public sector banks decided to hold a Common Written Exam (CWE) for Specialist Officers. This has made life much easier for all job seekers. Now they need to appear for one test and then for an interview at the Bank which puts them on a list based on their points.

IBPS IT Exam Curriculum:

The standardized test brought out the corresponding standard syllabus. The IBPS IT Officer Exam follows this pattern:
Step 1: Consultation
This section will test your ability to think through questions based on mental skills. There will be 50 questions carrying 50 marks. This is a simple section where you can get more points.
Section 2: English language
This section will test your knowledge of English Language as a grammar and comprehension system. This section also contains 50 questions; however it holds only 25 marks. These sections give you less points, but if you prepare well, it takes less time as well.
Phase 3: Size of Importance
This section will test your ability to solve basic mathematical questions. Most aspiring IT Officer members find this phase a bit of a challenge. This section has 50 questions carrying 50 marks.
Section 4: Computer and IT (Technical Information)
This is the most important phase of the IT Officer Exam. It has high marks, that is, 75 marks for solving 50 questions. This section assumes that you are familiar with the computer courses that you have studied in the appropriate test i.e. M. Sc., MCA, B. Tech. or B. E

Pattern IBPS IT Officer Exam:

The written test has all the questions as the Objective Multiple Choice with just one correct answer. You only get two hours (or 120 minutes) to resolve the questionnaire.

How to prepare for the IBPS IT Officer exam:

You need to make sure you clear all parts of the test. This means you need to spend time on all topics. The best way to prepare is to try as many questions as possible. While doing that time yourself. You should not spend more than one minute on the question, on average.
You can download some IBPS IT Officer Sample Papers to help you prepare for the written exam. This will give you a good kick to start your preparation.
Good luck!